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Will Victory Ever Be His Again?



In my daily scroll through social media, I stumbled upon a startling revelation regarding WWE’s Shinsuke Nakamura. According to Wrestlelamia, Nakamura’s 2024 record stands at a meager 1-39. Perplexed, I delved deeper into the matter, only to uncover a distressing trend.

As per The Internet Wrestling Database, which meticulously tracks wrestlers’ win-loss records, Nakamura has only clinched two victories in his last 50 matches. His solitary triumph this year occurred in February against Sami Zayn on Monday Night Raw, with his previous win dated back to November 20, 2023, against Chad Gable, also on Raw.

So, aside from scrutinizing WWE’s booking decisions, who’s been consistently thwarting Nakamura’s efforts? The majority of his losses have come at the hands of former, future, or reigning world champions, such as Seth Rollins, Sheamus, and Cody Rhodes. Despite his valiant efforts, Nakamura has faced consecutive setbacks, notably against formidable opponents like Sami Zayn, Braun Strowman, and LA Knight.

While it’s understandable to falter against such elite competition, it’s disconcerting that Nakamura has struggled across various platforms, from television appearances to premium live events and arena circuits. Unlike Solo Sikoa, who bounced back from a similar dry spell with a strong portrayal post-victory against John Cena, Nakamura hasn’t been granted the same treatment.

Last autumn, Nakamura engaged in a heated rivalry for the World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins. Despite falling short of capturing Raw’s top honor, Nakamura was depicted as a legitimate threat to Rollins, showcased through captivating promos and well-produced video packages. However, following this feud and a brief stint with Cody Rhodes, Nakamura’s prominence began to wane.

Yet, despite being in his mid-40s, Nakamura’s magnetic charisma and captivating entrance continue to captivate audiences. While some may believe his prime has passed, the wrestling world has seen performers like AJ Styles defy age expectations. With a few significant victories or a compelling character shift, Nakamura could rejuvenate his career and emerge as a credible threat once again.

Until that breakthrough moment arrives, Nakamura seems resigned to ride the currents of fate, his smooth entrance theme echoing his journey’s rhythm.

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