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Dortmund’s Grievance: Why They Detest PSG – ‘We’re No Longer Battling Football Clubs’



Upon their return to Signal Iduna Park to confront Borussia Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain will encounter a heightened level of hostility. While the teams clashed previously in the Champions League group stages, tonight’s encounter in the semi-final carries significantly greater significance.


For the French champions, this occasion marks a long-awaited opportunity. With all the elements seemingly aligning at the perfect moment this season, there’s a palpable feeling that this might just be their shot at seizing the coveted title they’ve relentlessly pursued.


In Germany, the narrative surrounding the match takes on a starkly different hue. For the Bundesliga club, tonight represents a struggle for the essence of football itself, as articulated by Dortmund’s general manager, Hans-Joachim Watzke, who stated in November, “We no longer play against football clubs but against states. We play against Qatar, which is the main owner of PSG, and against Saudi Arabia, which is the main shareholder of Newcastle.”


This sentiment resonates deeply with the club’s fans, as evidenced by a survey conducted by RMC Sport. The Dortmund faithful expressed their clear disdain for Les Parisiens, with one fan stating, “We don’t really like them here. I find their players arrogant.” Journalist Patrick Berger of SkySports elaborated on this sentiment, explaining to a French publication, “Here, people are very proud to win on their own. Thanks to the local environment, local sponsors, fans… There would be great pride in beating a team like PSG, backed by a state.”

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