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Stephen Curry’s Portrayal in ‘Clipped’ Leaves Fans in Stitches



In a recent episode of FX’s new mini-series “Clipped,” which dramatizes the downfall of notorious Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, fans couldn’t help but laugh at the portrayal of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry. The series, which intends to offer a stylized behind-the-scenes look at Sterling’s controversial tenure, includes a depiction of the 2014 first-round playoff series between the Clippers and the Warriors. However, Curry’s representation in the show missed the mark significantly, leading to widespread amusement and confusion on social media.


The casting choice for Curry drew immediate criticism and mockery. The actor playing Curry bore little resemblance to the NBA star, especially his younger self from 2014. Social media was abuzz with jokes, with some users even suggesting that Dell Curry, Stephen’s father, might have been a better fit for the role given the uncanny resemblance at certain angles. This unusual casting choice quickly became a topic of humor, with fans sharing their incredulous reactions online.


Not only was Curry’s portrayal laughed at, but so was the depiction of his teammate, Klay Thompson. Fans compared the actor playing Thompson to Wally West from the CW’s “The Flash” series, and some even thought he looked more like NBA player Ben Simmons. This added another layer of comedy to the episode, with fans reveling in the perceived missteps of the show’s casting decisions.


The online community had a field day, likening the Curry actor to a variety of other public figures. Some fans saw a resemblance to Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, while others thought he looked like Moses Moody, DJ Augustin, or even former UFC champion Daniel Cormier. The myriad comparisons underscored how off-target the casting was, with the actor embodying Curry appearing familiar but not quite right.


Fans also bookmarked these moments for future use, planning to use the humorous depictions as memes whenever Curry has an off night in real games. This unexpected form of entertainment wasn’t likely what the creators of “Clipped” intended, but it has nonetheless kept the series in the conversation among NBA fans.


The backdrop of the “Clipped” episode is the tumultuous 2014 playoff series between the Warriors and Clippers, a time marked by off-court controversy due to Sterling’s racist comments. Despite the external turmoil, the Clippers managed to defeat the Warriors in seven games. This series is remembered not just for the basketball but for the significant changes it spurred, including Sterling’s eventual ouster and Steve Ballmer’s acquisition of the Clippers. Ballmer’s tenure has been marked by heavy investment in the team, though a championship remains elusive.


Overall, while “Clipped” aims to highlight a dark chapter in the Clippers’ history, it inadvertently provided a different kind of entertainment through its less-than-perfect portrayals of NBA stars, keeping viewers engaged and amused.

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