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Securing a Spot in the Finals Race



In an exciting showdown against Box Hill, Essendon’s VFLW team clinched a crucial 10-point triumph on home turf, propelling them closer to a coveted finals position. Despite conceding the opener, the Dons rallied, showcasing a remarkable display of skill and resilience throughout the match.

The momentum swung decisively in Essendon’s favor during the second and third quarters, as they managed to stave off a late surge from the Hawks. Notable contributions came from Tayla Hart-Aluni, Olivia Manfre, and debutants Sarah Perkins and Christina Bernardi, each leaving their mark on the scoreboard and bolstering Essendon’s lead.

Throughout the game, key players like Danielle Marshall and Ruby Mahony exhibited stellar performances, with Marshall’s defensive prowess and Mahony’s midfield dominance playing pivotal roles in securing the win. Despite Box Hill’s efforts to narrow the gap, Essendon maintained their composure, ensuring their top-four aspirations received a significant boost.

Looking ahead, Essendon is set to continue their quest for victory as they face Carlton in their upcoming fixture at Windy Hill. With their recent triumph fueling their determination, the Dons are poised to make a compelling push towards securing a spot in the finals, showcasing their resolve and determination on the field.

As the home-and-away campaign draws to a close, Essendon’s VFLW team remains steadfast in their pursuit of success, with each match bringing them closer to realizing their season’s goals. With their sights set on the finals, the Dons are primed to deliver more thrilling performances, captivating fans and enthusiasts alike with their skill, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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