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John Askey Takes the Helm at Truro City Following Managerial Shuffle



In a whirlwind of headlines ranging from shocking celebrity news to sports updates, one story stands out: the appointment of former Hartlepool United manager John Askey as the new head honcho of National League South team Truro City. This move comes after the departure of previous manager Paul Wooton, who opted to join rivals Torquay last month. Askey, a seasoned 59-year-old manager, brings with him a wealth of experience, marking his first venture managing a team south of Birmingham and his introduction to the National League South.

Truro City, a club with aspirations beyond their current tier, have been injected with a sense of anticipation following a recent takeover by Eric Perez, the former owner of the Toronto Wolfpack rugby league side. Despite finishing 16th last season, the club harbors hopes for a brighter future under Askey’s leadership. With a solid core of players retained from the previous season and plans for a new home ground in the works, Truro City is poised for a potentially transformative chapter.

For Askey, this appointment signifies a swift return to the managerial realm after his departure from Hartlepool United last December. Despite encountering challenges during his tenure at Pools, Askey’s track record speaks volumes. Having secured six promotions throughout his career, including a remarkable National League title with Macclesfield in 2018, Askey is no stranger to overcoming odds. His managerial philosophy emphasizes the importance of team cohesion and community involvement, values he aims to instill within Truro City.

As the club gears up to face formidable adversaries in the likes of Boreham Wood and Dorking Wanderers, Askey remains undeterred by the prospect of financial disparities. Drawing from his past experiences, he underscores the significance of fostering a strong team spirit both on and off the pitch. For Askey, success transcends monetary investments; it hinges on the collective effort and commitment of everyone involved, from players to supporters.

In the realm of football, where triumphs and setbacks often intertwine, Askey’s appointment signifies more than just a managerial change—it symbolizes a fresh chapter filled with aspirations, challenges, and the unwavering spirit of determination. As Truro City sets sail under Askey’s guidance, the journey ahead promises to be nothing short of captivating, with each match becoming a chapter in the club’s storied history.

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