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Don Casey Recalls Coaching Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and the Iconic Boston Franchise



Don Casey reminisces about his coaching stint with the legendary Boston Celtics, offering insights into the era of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish, and the unique experiences he shared with the storied franchise.


In his El Cajon home, Casey reflects on the unforgettable moments he experienced while coaching alongside Celtics luminaries like Bird, McHale, and Parish. A simple glance at his backyard pool serves as a reminder of the camaraderie and generosity displayed by the Celtics players, who contributed to its construction as a gesture of appreciation.


Casey’s journey to Boston was facilitated by San Diego sports icon Bill Walton, who vouched for him to Bird, setting the stage for Casey’s introduction to the Celtics’ star-studded lineup. Amidst the star power and historic surroundings of the Boston Garden, Casey soaked in the unparalleled atmosphere and intensity that defined the Celtics’ dynasty.


Recalling the behind-the-scenes dynamics, Casey shares anecdotes of Red Auerbach’s quirks and idiosyncrasies, from his aversion to modern technology to his unexpected acts of kindness towards fellow staff members. Auerbach’s leadership and eccentricities added layers of intrigue to the Celtics’ storied legacy.


Despite the pressures of coaching elite athletes, Casey found solace in the players’ receptiveness and professionalism, highlighting their unwavering commitment to excellence and their willingness to learn and adapt. Amidst the high-stakes scrimmages and competitive spirit, Casey discovered a sense of belonging and purpose within the Celtics’ tight-knit community.


As Casey reflects on his tenure with the Celtics, he cherishes memorabilia that symbolize his journey, from a Larry Bird-signed photograph to a team-signed basketball, serving as tangible reminders of his indelible connection to one of basketball’s most illustrious franchises.

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