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In a bid to overhaul the NFL’s marijuana regulations, Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Randy Gregory has taken a bold step by filing a lawsuit against both the league and his former team, the Denver Broncos. The lawsuit, filed in Arapahoe County District Court, revolves around the imposition of hefty fines totaling $532,500 on Gregory for his use of THC, a component of marijuana, to manage his disabilities.

According to reports, Gregory claims discrimination, arguing that he was fined repeatedly over a year-long period for using medications prescribed to address his social anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Despite seeking permission to use synthetic THC during non-working hours and applying for a therapeutic use exception, his requests were denied.

Gregory’s agent, Peter Schaffer, emphasized the necessity for alternative pain management methods, highlighting the disparity in treatment between prescribed medications like hydrocodone and THC. The lawsuit contends that Gregory was unfairly denied reasonable accommodation for his diagnosed disabilities, a violation of Colorado law.

This legal battle underscores broader issues within the NFL regarding player welfare and disciplinary measures. Gregory’s history with substance use has been tumultuous, resulting in significant career setbacks. Despite being touted as a marquee signing for the Broncos in 2022, his tenure with the team was marked by underperformance, leading to his eventual departure and a substantial financial loss for the franchise.

As Gregory’s lawsuit unfolds, it sheds light on the complexities of navigating medical treatment within the confines of professional sports leagues. With player rights and health considerations at the forefront, the outcome of this legal challenge could have far-reaching implications for the NFL and its approach to drug policies.

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