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Essendon condemn Brad Scott’s defence of disgraced former Roo Tarryn Thomas in secret email



Essendon has sought to explain statements made by senior coach Brad Scott regarding disgraced former North Melbourne player Tarryn Thomas.

The Bombers have moved to further dismiss any suggestion that Thomas would be welcome at their team, sending a letter to unhappy members to clarify their position.

On the eve of the 2024 season, the Kangaroos fired the troublesome player after the league punished him for 18 games for alleged inappropriate actions.

The AFL judged Thomas guilty of inappropriate actions toward a female. Thomas spent the whole of the 2023 season jumping from trouble to controversy. It comes after Scott praised the former Roos player, whom he used to coach at North Melbourne, despite his turbulent past back in May.

“I’ve known Tarryn since he was 14,” Scott explained on May 1.

“My opinion is that he is a good person.

He has made some horrible blunders, and he is the first to admit it. “So, as an industry, do we just wash our hands and say ‘we’re done with him’, or do we help him?”

The club has now issued an email to a few members who expressed their sentiments on Thomas following Scott’s comments.

“Tarryn’s conduct does not represent behaviours acceptable to anyone in our game or community,” the email to some Essendon members read.

“No one at Essendon condones Tarryn’s actions, and there is no justification for it or the harm he did.

“The narrative created in recent days linking Tarryn Thomas to Essendon is inaccurate.”

The email also attempted to ensure that Scott and the club’s list management team had never considered signing the 24-year-old.

“Importantly, you can be assured that when questioned, Brad was not discussing Tarryn from an EFC list management (or) recruiting perspective,” the message read.

“Whilst in past years, Essendon (like several other AFL clubs) have discussed Tarryn at list management level, this is not something Essendon has or are currently considering.”

The email went on to defend Scott while simultaneously condemning his actions in speaking around Thomas.

“Brad (Scott) is a man of great integrity, with a strong moral compass and longstanding admirable values which include respect, particularly towards women,” it stated.

“However, Brad’s job as a coach, was and is, the support of his players (past and present) wherever possible.

“This does not entail condoning unacceptable behaviour or defending the indefensible; this was not Brad’s purpose while discussing Tarryn yesterday (1 May), and rest assured, he does not condone Tarryn’s behaviour in any way.”

Scott’s comments came around the same time that the league announced that all 18 teams would observe a moment of silence during round eight to raise awareness about gender-based violence.

Thomas is also not permitted to practice or play at any level of Australian football without the AFL’s clearance, even after his 18-match suspension expires.

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