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Minnesota Timberwolves

Cleveland Cavaliers Consider Micah Nori as Head Coach



The Cleveland Cavaliers are actively seeking a new head coach, and the latest buzz centers around Timberwolves assistant coach, Micah Nori. Sources close to the team have disclosed that Nori is set for an interview in the coming days. This marks the fifth known contender in the Cavaliers’ quest for a new leader. Amidst a cloak of secrecy surrounding the search process, this development sheds light on the team’s intentions for the upcoming season.


Nori, a seasoned NBA assistant coach, stepped up to the plate during the playoffs when Minnesota’s head coach, Chris Finch, faced physical limitations due to a knee injury. This experience could potentially give Nori an edge in the Cavaliers’ coaching selection process. While the team has remained tight-lipped about their candidate pool, was quick to report the Cavaliers’ keen interest in Nori, adding to the intrigue surrounding the coaching search.


The departure of former head coach J.B. Bickerstaff has prompted the Cavaliers to seek fresh perspectives. Despite the team’s appreciation for Bickerstaff’s efforts, they believe that a new voice is essential for their continued growth. Under Bickerstaff’s tenure, the Cavaliers showcased steady improvement, emerging as formidable contenders in the Eastern Conference. However, with their postseason journey cut short, the team is eager to explore new coaching dynamics to propel them further.


Nori’s candidacy adds an intriguing dimension to the Cavaliers’ coaching search. With a career spanning several NBA franchises, including Minnesota, Toronto, Sacramento, Denver, and Detroit, Nori brings a wealth of experience to the table. Notably, his roots trace back to Ohio, adding a personal connection to the Cavaliers’ coaching landscape. As the coaching carousel spins, the Cavaliers’ decision regarding their next head coach remains eagerly anticipated, promising a fresh chapter in the team’s journey towards success.

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