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AFL Tribunal Verdict Revealed



In a recent ruling by the AFL Tribunal, West Coast Eagles’ player Harley Reid stood firm on his two-game suspension, impacting the upcoming matches against North Melbourne and Essendon. The decision came after Reid’s tackle on St Kilda’s Darcy Wilson during a Saturday game at Optus Stadium was deemed careless conduct with high impact and high contact.

Despite efforts to contest the ban, Reid’s bid for a reduction was unsuccessful, leaving him sidelined for two crucial games. The incident has sparked discussions among fans and analysts regarding player safety and the enforcement of rules within the AFL.

With digital access, subscribers can delve deeper into the details surrounding the case. This verdict not only affects Reid but also raises broader questions about player accountability and the league’s stance on dangerous play.

The upheld ban not only impacts Reid’s immediate playing prospects but also places emphasis on the AFL’s commitment to maintaining player safety and upholding standards of fair play within the sport. As the Eagles navigate through their upcoming fixtures without Reid’s presence, the team faces challenges in maintaining their competitive edge amidst this setback.

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