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A Permanent Return to the Hornets



Horsham Football Club is buzzing with excitement as Isaac Philpott and Reece Myles-Meekums make their return, this time as permanent signings. The duo, who previously graced the club as loan players, have now committed to Horsham for the long haul.

Isaac Philpott, known for his stellar performance at Dorking Wanderers, brings a wealth of experience to Horsham. Having played a pivotal role in Wanderers’ Premier Division title win, Philpott’s journey through the ranks showcases his undeniable talent and dedication to the sport. His contributions extend beyond the field, as he played a crucial role in his team’s ascent up the football pyramid.

Reece Myles-Meekums, another familiar face returning to Horsham, boasts an impressive track record. With roots in Brighton and Hove Albion’s youth system, Myles-Meekums’ journey has seen him thrive both on loan spells and in permanent positions. His significant role in Horsham’s FA Cup journey and Playoff qualification underscores his value as a versatile and skilled player.

Both players’ decision to join Horsham permanently speaks volumes about the club’s appeal and vision for the future. Their return adds depth and quality to the team, setting the stage for an exciting chapter in Horsham’s footballing journey.

As Horsham prepares for the upcoming season, fans eagerly anticipate the impact of Philpott and Myles-Meekums on the pitch. With their experience, skill, and commitment to the club, the Hornets are poised for success in the Pitching In Isthmian Football League.

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