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Rugby League Fans Rejoice as Challenge Cup Finals Day Returns to Wembley in 2025



Excitement fills the air as the Rugby Football League announces the highly anticipated return of Challenge Cup Finals Day to Wembley Stadium on Saturday, June 7, 2025. Rugby league enthusiasts can already secure their seats for the event, with early bird tickets offering a tempting 25% discount.


The recent finals day witnessed a spectacular turnout, with 64,845 fans witnessing Wigan Warriors emerge victorious with an 18-8 win over Warrington Wolves. Amidst the on-field action, the day also served as a poignant tribute to the late Rob Burrow, with heartfelt tributes honoring his memory echoing throughout the stadium.


Rhodri Jones, managing director of RL Commercial, reflects on the significance of the event, emphasizing the touching moments that united rugby league supporters in honoring Burrow’s legacy. From flags unfurling to spontaneous applause, the day was a testament to the universal respect and admiration for Burrow and his family.


The finals day not only celebrated the sport’s rich heritage but also showcased remarkable achievements on the field. St. Peter’s Catholic High School, St. Helens, and Wakefield Trinity emerged victorious in their respective categories, underscoring the diversity and talent within the rugby league community.


Wigan Warriors, in particular, made history with their 21st Challenge Cup win, commemorating the centenary of their inaugural victory in 1924. Their triumph highlights the club’s enduring legacy and dominance in the sport, earning praise for their remarkable feat of holding all four major trophies available.


Looking ahead, rugby league enthusiasts can anticipate another thrilling showcase of talent and sportsmanship as Challenge Cup Finals Day returns to Wembley Stadium in 2025. With attendance steadily increasing in recent years, the event promises to captivate audiences and reaffirm rugby league’s status as a premier sporting spectacle.

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